In the United States are preparing new rules for entering the country


The White House Administration is considering a package of new restrictive measures for applicants for US visas.”President Trump and his high-ranking advisers discuss the rules aimed at imposing restrictions on countries whose citizens exceed their stay on short-term visas as part of broader efforts to introduce new ways to reduce immigration,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Ministry of Homeland Security, so far the list of such countries includes citizens who massively violate the terms of their stay in the United States – from Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In this regard, Washington intends to set conditions for the governments of these countries if the situation does not change, then in the future the term of guest visas will be reduced, or they will be more difficult to obtain.

The White House wants to introduce other rules that may introduce new restrictions, in particular for students and investors. In this context, it concerns, inter alia, the types of visas, known as B1 or B2s, for staying in the United States.

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