In the US Congress called for support of a resolution condemning the return of the Russian Federation to PACE

In the US Congress, a support group for Ukraine called for support for the House of Representatives draft draft bipartisan resolution, which condemns Russia's return to PACE.

“The co-chairmen of the Congress of the Ukrainian Kokus presented a bipartisan resolution in which they condemned the PACE decision to restore the voting right of the delegation of the Russian Federation,” the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA said on the Facebook page.

As noted, the text of the resolution of the United States expresses concern about the PACE decision, which does not provide for punishment for the crimes of Russia and encourages the “Russian dictator” Vladimir Putin to new ones.

In a statement released by the congressmen during the official presentation of the resolution, it is noted that “Russia was rightly expelled from the CE for the attack against the sovereignty of Ukraine in Crimea. Russian forces not only remained in Crimea, the Russian Federation began a deadly war in the Ukrainian Donbass and continued to carry out destabilizing disinformation campaigns around the world aimed at undermining international democratic institutions. Russia carried out a dangerous attack on the ships of the Ukrainian Navy, illegally seized 24 Ukrainian sailors and three vessels in the Kerch Strait, which it continues to hold. ”

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“Russia should not be rewarded for its anti-democratic behavior, which is repeated again and again. We call on all our colleagues in the House of Representatives to support this bipartisan resolution, ”the congressmen noted.

On June 26, PACE decided to confirm the authority of the delegation of the Russian Federation without restrictions, despite Moscow’s violation of the Council of Europe’s principles.

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