In the US, the teacher was fired, telling the children that Santa Claus does not exist

In the United States in the city of Montville (New Jersey), a teacher told first-grade students that there is no Santa Claus. Thus, the teacher decided to debunk the myth. About it reports television channel Fox News.

During the lesson, the teacher told the children that their parents actually put gifts under the Christmas tree. She also said that there is not only Santa, but also the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, flying Christmas deer, elves and leprechauns. The teacher who told all this to the children is not a regular employee of the educational institution: she replaced the main teacher.

First-graders seriously perceived the revelations of the teacher: some, according to the channel, came out of the lesson with tears in their eyes.

As a result, the teacher was dismissed from school, and the school superintendent Rene Rovtar launched a flashmob on her social network with her own photo with Santa and the signature “I believe”. According to her, “the children’s miracle associated with all holidays and traditions” is something special for her as well.

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