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The social network Instagram has expanded to the whole world testing a function that hides the likes counter under the posts of other users. This is stated in an Instagram post on Twitter.

"If you participate in it (testing – ed.), Then you will no longer see the number of likes and views for photos and videos in your feed if they are not published by you," the company said.

It is noted that reviews about the new feature from the first countries where it was introduced – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Italy and Japan – were positive. At the same time, Instagram noted that this is a global change, so its verification will continue to "learn more from the global community."

Thus, Instagram wants to encourage users not to chase the number of likes, but to focus on the content.

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You can still see the number of post preferences by clicking on the “Other People” button.

They also added to the social networks that they understand the value of the likes counter for some users, so Instagram is working on new features that will allow you to “demonstrate the value” of an account.

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