Installation of engineering and climate systems in St. Petersburg

The construction of any object, regardless of its purpose and scope of further exploitation, includes a lot of processes and stages, and the most important of them is the installation of engineering networks and climate systems.

The close interconnection of these two systems allows for comfort and an optimal indoor atmosphere. And only an integrated approach will allow efficiently perform calculations, carry out installation and further operation of engineering systems.

The company “Breakthrough Technology” provides a wide range of services and ensures their uninterrupted operation. Years of experience in this industry allows you to reliably, efficiently and safely turnkey service.

The advantages of the company

Turning to Breakthrough Technology, customers receive a full range of services in the field of engineering and climate systems, including:

  • design. Take into account all the features of the room, area, load and purpose, as well as the wishes of customers;
  • installation. High-quality, fast, safe installation of equipment of any complexity, carried out by qualified specialists;
  • service. Carrying out preventive work aimed at extending the life of the equipment and systems as a whole;
  • service. Fast repair in case of breakage.

The company carries out design of climate systems, performs all the preparatory stages and installation of engineering systems since 2005 and during this time was able to gain a reputation as a reliable partner for many customers.

Commercial facilities or industrial complexes, private houses or apartments – it does not matter for the company’s specialists. The main focus of the work is on compliance with all standards and safety requirements, the quality of work performed. At the same time, the cost of Breakthrough Technology services has remained competitive on the St. Petersburg market for a long time.

The main areas of work of the company “Breakthrough Technology”

Contacting the company, you can order a full range of services in the following areas:

  • conditioning;
  • ventilation;
  • heating;
  • power supply.

The availability of qualified designers and installers, the necessary equipment and tools, allows in the shortest time to serve even the largest facilities, regardless of the amount of work and the complexity of the tasks.

“Breakthrough Technology” is your reliable assistant in the construction, reconstruction and repair of various real estate objects.

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