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Intel is considering the possibility of working future Xe video cores in multiprocessor bundles, as indicated by recent leaks in drivers for Linux 5.5. It is reported that they have a code regarding the operation of the PMU (Processor Monitoring Unit). This item works while using the integrated and discrete GPUs.

Thus, Intel is preparing its counterpart to Radeon Dual Graphics technology, which allows you to combine the power of different graphics processors. Note that shortly before the Zen processors entered the market, AMD delayed the development of this technology.

It is not yet specified exactly when this technology will appear. However, do not wait for her especially soon. Most likely, it will be added for starters in laptops with 10-nm Tiger Lake-U processors and integrated Gen12 graphics, as well as with mobile cards of the Xe family. That is, this will happen no earlier than the first half of 2020.

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AMD and NVIDIA CrossFire and SLI technologies also go down in history. Navi accelerators do not know how to work in tandem, and from the "green" Turing cards only older versions are capable of this.

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