Intestinal bacteria will help predict health problems. ”GoGetNews News

Several studies have immediately demonstrated that it is possible to predict intestinal diseases, preterm labor and diabetes for these bacteria. This is another confirmation of the great importance of our intestinal microbiome for health.

In humans, only 43% of what can be considered a human being, and the remaining 57% are accounted for all sorts of bacteria and other microorganisms. We divide our bodies with the trillions of microbes that are needed to maintain our health. And scientists every year gain a deeper understanding of how important these or other bacteria are, not only for maintaining health, but also for the prevention of a number of diseases. Now it turns out that the intestinal bacteria can predict the development of certain ailments in the future.

Researchers have found that regular monitoring of how gut microbiomes change can help doctors determine the risk of premature birth, inflammatory bowel disease, and even diabetes. The instability of the microbiome can be an early indicator of pathological processes. For example, scientists from Harvard in the course of observations with the participation of 132 people found out that bacteria affect the immune system and metabolism. Some of these microbes produce molecules that support the health of the intestinal lining. If the population of these bacteria is reduced, a person is threatened with diseases of this organ.

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And scientists from Stanford in the course of observations of 106 people for 4 years found that there is a whole list of microbial and inflammatory early symptoms preceding diabetes. It is curious that people with insulin resistance demonstrated a slowed down immune response to respiratory infections, which completely correlated with the microbial response.

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