IPhone owners earn $ 10 billion in loans | GoGetNews News

The idea to issue an Apple Card credit card for payment using the Apple Pay service was very successful for Tim Cook. A recent report on financial success for the fourth quarter of 2019 revealed information regarding the issuance of loans to Apple Card users. The amount turned out to be astronomical.

According to Bloomberg, since the launch of the Apple Card on September 30, 2019, Goldman Sachs has provided customers with loans totaling $ 10 billion. However, the company does not disclose data on the number of payment card users. "Apple credit card" allowed Apple's partner bank to enter the consumer market and successfully earn money on it. Until this point, Goldman Sachs has mainly worked with investors and corporations.

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According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company will soon launch a special offer for customers: new iPhones can be purchased using the Apple Card through interest-free installments for up to 24 months, while getting a cashback of 3%.

Apple Card is currently operating in the United States. The convenience of this card is also that payments are made instantly thanks to the Goldman Sachs bank payment system. Moreover, for those stores and services where Apple Pay is not accepted, Apple issued a special titanium card – it does not have the usual 16-digit number or CVV code, but only the name and surname of the holder with the Apple logo.

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