Islamiat Elective/iKhtiari Guess Paper for 10th Class 2018

Islamiat Elective/iKhtiari Guess for 10th Class


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Islamiat Elective/iKhtiari Guess Paper for 10th Class 2018

Islamiat Compulsory Guess Paper 2018


Note: In modern human populations, the level of education obtained has a high inheritance, that is, it strongly depends on genes. Dozens of alleles that affect this feature have been identified. At the same time, education, as a rule, negatively correlates with Darwinian fitness: educated people reproduce worse. This indicates a possible selection against the “education genes”. A new study, based on data from 110,000 Icelanders born between 1910 and 1975, showed that the “education genes” are indeed subjected to negative selection. These alleles, many of which correlate also with increased intelligence, good health and a long life, reduce fitness, regardless of whether the person has realized the propensity to get a good education. The study confirmed fears that, that the evolution of modern mankind is directed towards the deterioration of the genetic basis of the signs connected with the intellect. Socio-cultural development still more than compensates for genetic degradation, but over time its consequences can become significant.


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