Ivan-tea and its properties

About the beneficial properties of Ivan tea has long been known. This herb was collected in ancient Russia, so the tradition of drinking willow-tea came to us from our ancestors.

Moreover, our ancestors not only brewed this plant as tea, but also ate it: they added it to salads, leavened as cabbage, etc.

Ivan-tea, which in Russia is also called fires, is useful for many diseases, it is drunk and for prevention. If you want to learn more about the properties of willow tea, you can type in the search engine "Ivan tea properties and contraindications."

In Ivan Cha many vitamin C, so it can be drunk with colds, with a weakened immune system, and also for prevention in the cold season. This plant contains many trace elements, such as iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, etc., so it is useful to use it in atherosclerosis.

In addition, Ivan-tea strengthens the immune system and is a powerful natural cleaner. This healing plant has antipyretic and antimicrobial properties. It contains a lot of protein, which is easily absorbed by the body and gives the body energy.

Ivan-tea also has an anti-stress effect, reduces anxiety-depressive disorders, is useful for neurosis, reduces cravings for alcoholic beverages.

Among other things, Ivan-tea is a tasty and soulful drink, which is appropriate to drink at any time of the day. In the afternoon he will give strength and energy, and in the evening he will help to relax and enter a calm state.

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