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We tell the most important thing about Jackie's beauty rituals, which made her images unique.

Jacqueline Kennedy managed to become the most famous first lady in the history of the United States, to conquer the world of fashion and influence her development like no one before or after her. The White House Fairy Knew set trends and be a role model, however, behind this success was a delicate work on oneself. Impeccable skin tone, light but effective makeup were Jacqueline's main jewelry, and the first lady herself never concealed that she followed certain beauty rules and paid special attention to the choice of skin care products. Fortunately, today we know almost everything about it.

Skin care from a young age

In the biography of Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy and her younger sister Lee Radziwill (“The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters: The Tragic and Glamorous Lives of Jackie and Lee”), we find interesting descriptions of the beauty rituals of Jacqueline Bouvier during her student years. The girl practiced contrasting washing and did not forget to thoroughly massage her face with a nourishing cream. According to the authors, she did this procedure for two minutes, and then carefully wiped her face.

With age, when Jacqueline Bouvier became the wife of John F. Kennedy, funds from the best luxury brands of the time gradually began to enter her care ritual. For example, it is known that among all moisturizers, the first lady had a special love for products from Erno Lazlo. In her cosmetics bag you could always find soap based on Dead Sea mud from this brand: this product perfectly cleansed the skin and kept it moisturized.

Silk dream

It is known that Jackie paid special attention to what and what she sleeps on. In one of his many interviews, Peter Lamas, a former make-up artist Jackie, mentioned that she loved sleeping on a silk pillow, and before going to bed tied her hair in an elegant silk scarf so that they would not get confused during sleep and would be obedient in the morning.

“Cotton makes your hair coarser and brittle – Jackie knew it well,” commented Peter. By the way, it was since then that the silk pillow began to gain the status of the best means to maintain beauty and youth. In this regard, Jacqueline Kennedy was not only an icon of style, but also a real beauty influencer of her generation.

Smile in a million

Years at the White House were not the easiest for Jackie. The presidency of the spouse imposed many responsibilities on her, and her relationship with her beloved was actually far from ideal. Largely because of this, smoking is one of the few bad habits that were attributed to the first lady and which she did not want to give up. She continued to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day for many years of her life, but she was very careful about caring for her teeth. To do this, she resorted to regular rinsing with water with peroxide compounds, which saved her from unaesthetic nicotine stains on the surface of the teeth.

Iconic fragrance

Jackie was betrayed by Lovely Patchouli 55 from the French brand House of Krigler no less than her husband. The sound of the perfume included notes of ambergris, bergamot, patchouli and leather and was the constant companion of the first lady in any life situation – Jacqueline knew her favorite fragrance as herself (read also: “Princess Diana’s favorite fragrances: citruses, spices, jasmine and an abundance of flowers” )

Spectacular arcs

In the 1980s, Brooke Shields revolutionized the beauty industry and raised lush eyebrows to the rank of top trend. Before her, only Jacqueline Kennedy managed to become a trendsetter of this magnitude: dense, clearly stained and gracefully emphasized – she was a real perfectionist in relation to eyebrows.

Lipstick as an accessory

In makeup, Jacqueline tried to adhere to the rule “less is better” (see also: “Carolyn Bessett-Kennedy Style Rules: Impeccable Minimalism from the 90s”), but the only thing she never denied herself was lipstick. She often tried bold bright shades, which, as a rule, were ideally combined with the color scheme of her outfits. Among the favorites were shades of red and pink – the best companions of the feminine image.

Days without makeup

Even the first ladies need days without make-up, and Jacqueline herself often arranged for her “vacation” from the makeup bag. However, on such days, the image of Kennedy did not lose its effect at all. In order to look one hundred percent even without makeup, Jacqueline resorted to using her favorite accessories: a silk scarf that favorably concealed styling flaws, and black oversized sunglasses that served as a stylish cover for black circles under the eyes.

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