Japanese Style Tattoos – Ideas and Meaning for Men

Japan is considered the birthplace of the most ancient body patterns. We offer to get acquainted with the most popular, interesting and original versions of male tattoos, made in the Japanese style.


The vibrant image of bright red carp is rich a lot of unusual decorative details (volumetric scales, curled whiskers, a kind of fiery fins, sea waves in the background). This tattoo is a symbol of courage, fearlessness and the desire to make a decisive step towards meeting fate. Most often, it is applied to the back or forearm area.



Kintaro, or the golden boy, is a combination of a deity and a child with incredible physical abilities. He is considered one of the most famous characters of Japanese folk tales. Such a tattoo symbolizes strength of mind, heroism, willpower. Often she is popular with athletes involved in martial arts.


a lion

The guardian lion, koma-inu, or Korean dog is the mythical defender of the imperial palaces from evil spirits and other evil spirits. This large animal has a menacing look, a sharp grin and a fiery tail. Koma Inu – a sign of power, success, as well as a kind of shield from the evil eye and the insidious thoughts of ill-wishers.

a lion

The Dragon

In the mythology of Japan, the dragon is a symbol of loyalty, courage, generosity, patience, ability to external and internal changes. This strange magical creature is considered the sovereign of two elements – water and fire, so the tattoo with his image is often chosen by firefighters and those whose profession is closely associated with danger.

the Dragon

Cherry blossoms

In Japan, spring comes when the delicate sakura blooms. The rapidly falling petals of the tree indicate the transience of life and the desire to find its meaning, and bright white and pink flowers are characteristic of a romantic man who wants to find true love.



Oddly enough, but in Japanese mythology, the rat is associated with wealth, a good sense of humor and self-irony. It is believed that the person who chose this tattoo is trying to show the whole world that the opinion of others is not important to him, that he is self-sufficient and unshakable.



Colorful blooming peonies – a sign of success, wealth and luxury. Lovers of tattoo cards with this flower indicate a desire to take a risky step, courage and determination. Peony symbolizes desperately brave, but affable, polite people who are in harmony with themselves.



The mysterious fire bird, reborn from the ashes after another death in fire, is a sign of immortality, fortitude and character, indestructibility of personality and hope for a bright future. The ideal place for drawing the image is the back, forearm and chest area.


Maple leaves

Multicolored maple leaves in Eastern mythology have many dissimilar meanings. In particular, they can symbolize loyalty to a loved one, emotional turmoil (after all, maple is afraid of the winter cold), a struggle with their inner fears and feelings.



Kozo is a noble robber, whose pleasant appearance allowed him to rub into the credibility of people and make vile robberies. He is one of the main characters in the famous Kabuki Theater. A tattoo with the image of this character indicates a violent, irascible, unpredictable character and chaotic lifestyle of the owner.



The traditional two-horned demon of jealousy is a terrifying character of Japanese folklore. It is usually depicted on the back or chest. This formidable picture symbolizes distrust of one’s neighbor, fear of the success of another, self-doubt and self-doubt.


Fire and Water

The eternal struggle of two opposing and dissimilar elements – fire and water. This composition is often placed on the legs: on the left – boiling waves crashing against the rocks, and on the right – a blazing fire. The picture means internal phobias, a split personality, tremendous willpower and the ability to withstand any circumstances.

Fire and Water


Yakuza is the most dangerous gangster grouping in Japan, which has a special influence in many countries of the East. Tattooing with members of this gang is applied to the chest, thereby showing their own courage, courage, riskiness and unwillingness to put up with the rules and routine.



Smoothly flowing river, carps jumping out of its waters, beautiful peonies, located on the sides – a unique composition called “Calm”. The combination of these seemingly different characters speaks about the balance of character, emotional balance and life satisfaction.



The image of a skull entwined with a giant anaconda signifies readiness for life changes, the absence of fear of the unknown, the ability to change old habits and change. It is stuffed on the forearm, lower back and thigh.


Spider web

In Japan, spiders weaving a web are quite a double symbol. Most often they are stuffed in the area of ​​the armpits and popliteal folds. This figure characterizes the inconsistency, secrecy and mystery of nature. A person does not seek to please everyone, he has his own point of view, which he simply is not going to give up.


Japanese style tattoos are a popular trend in modern body art. Try to find the symbol that corresponds to your state of mind, lifestyle and principles.

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