Johnson has announced the most extensive revision of the British security strategy since the Cold War

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised next year to conduct the largest revision of the country's security, defense and foreign policy since the Cold War.

This is the reputable publication of The Times. Updating the defense system implies the entry of the British Air Force to the forefront in the field of military space technology.

“We must make a huge technological upgrade to all of our security forces so that they can counter the hostile forces of terrorists and organized crime,” Johnson said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the new security relations with the European Union should go hand in hand with support from NATO. “Despite the fact that we plan to leave the EU, we are obliged to strengthen security cooperation with Europe. But NATO has been the foundation of European security since 1949, and on the 70th anniversary of the alliance we must modernize, not abandon it, ”Johnson is convinced.

In accordance with plans proposed by Johnson's Senior Assistant, Dominic Cummings, the issue of enhancing investments in space and advanced quantum technologies will be considered. According to the publication, at the summit of NATO leaders in London on December 3 and 4, the parties are likely to discuss a “plan for strengthening the Baltic Sea,” which will increase the military presence in Eastern Europe in the event of a crisis with Russia.

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Next year, the US Army will conduct exercises in Eastern Europe, sending British troops to participate in them could be one of the ways in which Prime Minister Johnson could demonstrate solidarity with the United States, the newspaper notes.

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