Johnson said he would submit a Brexit agreement to parliament before December 25

An agreement to exit Britain from the European Union will be submitted to Parliament before December 25. This was stated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the presentation of the election manifesto, reports Reuters.

The conservative party’s election manifesto says Johnson will put the Brexit agreement to the vote of the British Parliament before December 25, which was agreed with the European Union in October this year.

It is noted that it is Brexit that is the key point of the conservative election manifesto, and Johnson himself insists that the adoption of the current agreement on Brexit will allow the United Kingdom to regain control of legislation, finances and migration policies.

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Recall, on November 6, the campaign officially began in Britain. Extraordinary parliamentary elections in the country will be held on December 12.

Thanks to these elections, the prime minister is expected to get out of the stalemate associated with Brexit, but observers are not sure that he will succeed. Although Johnson-led conservatives lead the way in opinion polls, it is possible that not one of the major parties will have an absolute majority.

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