Johnson's party had nine Russian sponsors

The report on Russian intervention in British politics names nine Russian businessmen financing a conservative party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
It is reported by Business Insider.

"The conservative party of Boris Johnson received money from nine Russian sponsors, which were named in a classified report on Russia's attempts to undermine democracy in the UK," the publication said.

In particular, according to media reports, the former employee of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Alexander Temerko, has donated over 1.2 million pounds to the Conservative Party over the past seven years.

The report names the wife of Vladimir Chernukhin, Putin’s close associate, Lyubov Chernukhina, who donated over 450 thousand pounds to the conservatives over the past year. And in July 2017, a Russian woman acquired for £ 160 thousand at an auction the right to hold a tennis match with then British Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The report also mentions former Russian spy Alexander Lebedev, who currently owns the London Evening Standard and The Independent newspapers. His son Eugene is a close friend of Boris Johnson and often invited to parties at his estate nearby Italian Perugia.

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It is noted that this report is due to be released this week, but Johnson blocked the publication due to fears that information could affect his chances of winning the upcoming parliamentary elections. Reportedly, Russian oligarchs who live in the UK have increased financial contributions to the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the past year.

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