Laser scar removal and scar removal after the procedure

Contrary to popular belief, scars do not adorn men. And women especially. In the cosmetology market there is a service called laser polishing. It allows you to get rid of scars that remain after operations, injuries and skin diseases. In this This article will tell you in detail about the stages of the procedure and its benefits.

What is laser polishing?

Treatment of scars and scars with a laser is currently the only procedure that allows you to permanently get rid of the discomfort that causes discomfort or significantly reduce the depth of the defect. Depending on the complexity of the defect, it may take several sessions to completely remove it. The second name of the procedure is laser dermabrasion, literally "burning the epidermis layer with a laser." The effectiveness of the method is based on the ability of the skin to absorb photons of radiation. During the session, the laser beam heats up the dermis tissue. Heat causes evaporation of water molecules. The fabric is destroyed. The intensity of the beam depends on the intensity of the beam. Throughout the depth of the laser-affected zone, the destruction of chemical compounds occurs: collagen, elastane, protein. Since there are healthy cells nearby that the beam does not touch, they begin to actively divide, replacing the burned ones. So, in place of the scarred tissue, a new, healthy, smooth and even one appears.

cosmetic procedure smoothes the skin and significantly reduces the scar relief

What problems does laser grinding solve?

It makes sense to resort to laser polishing if you are concerned about:

    deep, uneven scars on the skin after surgery;
    pits left after the removal of large ulcers, acne;
    burn marks;
    scars after suffering skin diseases.

What types of scars are removed using laser dermabrasion?

Several treatments help to get rid of any type of imperfections, regardless of how long they appeared. Scars that can be removed by grinding:

    normotrophic – light, thin, appear after injuries of the skin;
    atrophic – traces of postacne, look like pits;
    hypertrophic – colorless bumps, "tucks";
    keloids – red "mounds" that occur at the site of acne, burns;
    postoperative – other types of defects that are formed at the site of the incision with a scalpel.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

The method of eliminating cosmetic defects described in our article has several advantages:

    costs less than plastic surgery;
    has greater efficacy than cosmetic products;
    does not affect healthy tissue, acts on a point;
    provides comfort during the session;
    differs in relative painlessness;
    implies an individual approach to the client;
    provides long-term results;
    characterized by a short period of rehabilitation.

There are some downsides:

    side effects during rehabilitation (discomfort, swelling, redness, pain);
    the possibility of holding only in the salon, clinic;
    high price;
    the risk of scarring if sterile conditions have not been met;
    the need for multiple sessions, if the scar is complex, old;
    the inability to remove the defect quickly, a semi-annual pause between procedures is obligatory.

Types of laser

There are several types of apparatus. They have varying degrees of effectiveness in solving problems of a different nature.

Low intensity

From the name it is clear that this type of beam is used only if you need to get rid of barely noticeable imperfections in a short time. The laser beam penetrates the skin just 1 micron. It can remove minor flaws from cuts, punctures, light traces of post-acne.


The laser radiation energy is directed to a thin layer of the dermis. It penetrates into it at 5 microns. Erbium laser is used when you need to remove fresh, shallow scars. Since it does not work with the deeper layers of the epidermis, the dermabrasion session is tolerated almost painlessly and requires light local anesthesia. The rehabilitation process lasts 1 – 1.5 weeks. Erbium ray has a sparing effect on the skin.

Carbon dioxide

A carbon dioxide laser perfectly polishes old scars, eliminates scars. The disadvantages of use include the strong heating of the epidermis, up to 10 microns. Therefore, after applying a carbon dioxide laser, the skin gets a severe burn. The rehabilitation period is delayed, sometimes lasts 1 month, causing discomfort to the patient. This is an outdated method, but it is used to remove large defects on the body when you want to get the maximum update of the dermis.

Preparing for the session

Preparatory activities impose a number of restrictions on lifestyle. It is necessary to abandon the solarium, limit sun exposure for 1 month. before the procedure. Every day you need to use sunscreen, if the treated area of ​​skin is open. Excluded from the care products with acids, as well as drugs that have a photosensitizing effect.

How long does dermabrasion last?

The answer to this question depends on the individual characteristics of the dermis, the dislocation of the defect, its area. The age of the patient, the depth of the scar, the time when it originated are taken into account. It is easier and faster to remove fresh defects, old ones require the hard work of a dermatologist. One session takes on average from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. If deep grinding is carried out, several sessions are needed with a break of six months after each. This is the only way to achieve the desired effect, namely, completely remove the scar or significantly improve the appearance of the skin in its place.

How is the procedure?

The procedure for conducting dermabrasion depends on the specific clinic and specialist. But there is a common standard protocol that all cosmetologists are trying to adhere to.

    Before starting the procedure, the doctor suggests anesthesia to the patient. Depending on the depth of the scar and the area of ​​the laser beam, anesthesia may be local (creams, sprays, injections) or general.
    After anesthesia, the doctor removes makeup from the client, if required. Rubs the treatment area with an antiseptic preparation. If treatment of the skin of the face is planned, the patient is suggested to wear safety glasses.
    The beautician conducts the device from which the laser beam hits the specific site. Each movement "burns" the cells of the epidermis. Removed the layer of skin that is on the surface. In one zone you need to hold the laser several times. The dermis in these areas becomes much lighter than the natural tone.
    After the end of the session, many patients experience discomfort, tingling, pain impulses. Therefore, doctors often complete the procedure by applying a soothing mask, with which the client lies for 15-20 minutes.

Rehabilitation process

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of a dermatologist after a session of laser scar removal. In the first few days you need:

    carefully monitor the hygiene of the treated area;
    exclude from the ritual care products with alcohol in the composition;
    protect the area from exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
    lubricate the treated area with regenerating creams.

You also can not visit the bath, sauna, use abrasive scrubs, peeling. Should protect the skin from frost, wind.

The crusts that form at the site of healing should not be removed by yourself. We must wait until they fall off themselves. The total recovery period takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

scar on cheek – photo before and after


A competent cosmetologist immediately warns that you need to abandon the care products with retinoids in the composition at least 3 months before laser dermabrasion. The fact is that retinol, like the laser, “eats away” the skin, causing the cells to divide. But this process is slower. The skin simply will not withstand a "double blow" with a laser and a chemical compound, it will hurt, it may even burst. In addition, the restriction on the laser procedure is imposed:

    during pregnancy and lactation;
    during exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    if there is inflammation in the body;
    with immunodeficiency, diabetes;
    if the skin of the face has a recurrence of acne;
    when a person suffers from psoriasis, epilepsy;
    in the presence of herpes;
    when using a pacemaker;
    if oncology is detected.

You need an individual consultation of a specialist if you have dark skin, are allergic to any drugs, and also when you know that wounds, cuts and burns on your dermis do not heal well.

To improve the efficiency of polishing is not carried out in the first days of the cycle in women, and during high solar activity, if the defect is located on the open area.

Where to make the procedure and how much does it cost?

Laser dermabrasion can be performed only by a cosmetologist with a medical education or a doctor. In the clinic or beauty parlor where you plan to use the service, you are required to provide documents confirming the availability of education from a specialist. Read reviews about a particular master and pay attention to the reputation of the institution. The effectiveness and safety of the procedure depends on it.

Laser polishing of scars belongs to the category of expensive services. Anesthesia is paid separately, depending on the type of anesthesia can cost from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles. Some clinics offer temporary hospital stays after a difficult session. The price of the service depends on the reputation of the institution. The cost of the procedure is always announced after an individual consultation. You can navigate to such numbers (complete deletion, includes several sessions):

    scars up to 10 cm on the face and neck – from 15,000 rubles;
    scars up to 10 cm on the body – from 10,000 rubles;
    scars more than 10 cm on the face – from 30,000 rubles;
    scars more than 10 cm on the body – from 25,000 rubles.

Often clinics voice the price for the processing of 1 square. see skin integument. Depending on the complexity of the defect, the cost starts from 2,000 rubles. By multiplying this figure by the area of ​​the defect, you will receive an approximate cost of correction in one procedure. For the following procedures, as a rule, the client receives a discount.

Reviews of the procedure

Doctors and patients appreciate the effectiveness of grinding with a laser. Some clients complain of pain after the session and swelling, but most satisfy the final result:

    traces of old scars noticeably brighten, smoothed, merge with the basic skin tone;
    fresh, shallow flaws disappear completely;
    many women stop using tonal creams that previously masked defects;
    shyness disappears, people are not afraid of exposing areas where a flaw was previously visible.

scar on forehead – photo before and after

In the article we introduced you to the features of laser polishing of scars. If the procedure is carried out by a competent doctor taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, and the client, in turn, complies with all recommendations of the rehabilitation period, the effect of dermabrasion justifies the highest expectations.


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