Learn to drink water in the right quantities


We tell how to train yourself to drink enough water.

We all know well about the rule of two liters, but not all of us know how to stick with it. Still – two liters of water seems almost impossible volume, and, nevertheless, to drink two liters and even more – quite real. The fact is that our body is 70% percent water, that is, the fluid for us is an inalienable substance, and dehydration has very severe consequences.

Whereas the life-giving moisture enriches the body, cleanses the internal organs, fights against edema (the main signs of dehydration), removes toxins, and also has a very beneficial effect on the external condition of our body – it contributes to weight loss and clean radiant skin. All the magical properties of water will be available to those who learn to drink it properly and in the right quantities.


According to various studies, the habit appears in a period of twenty-one to thirty days, that is, you have a conditional month to learn how to consume water correctly. The first question: how to secure that habit? To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

For example, try to associate drinking with any everyday action. Thus, you can accustom yourself to drink a glass of water immediately after waking up, as soon as you turn on the computer at work or are going for a lunch break. Let your drinking water be associated with the point events of everyday life. Do not forget that it is impossible to sit at the table without water, even if in a zone of visibility there will always be a carafe of water (this concerns the time you spend at home) or a bottle. True, nutritionists do not recommend drinking food: it interferes with proper digestion of food, so pouring yourself some water, leave the glass behind you for the meal and empty it after it is finished.


Paradoxical though it may sound, but many of us are not at all accustomed to drink water. We replace it with anything – juices (see also: “Juicing: the main mistakes and how to fix them”), tea, coffee or any other drinks. Such a substitution is fundamentally wrong. However, go to the water immediately you will be very difficult, moreover, it may even harm the body.

You should go through a gradual replacement: mix in a blender fifty-fifty water and your favorite juice (it does not matter if it is orange fresh or strawberry nectar), believe me, you hardly feel the difference, but you will bring substantial benefits to your body. Every day, increase the dose of water, so it will be much easier for your body to adjust to the new regimen.


Another important aspect is that water should always be available. Otherwise, if you have to go to the store, for example, you will find a thousand excuses to postpone the shopping trip, prefer to drink tea or coffee, which does not replace the most ordinary water. So get a cooler at home.

And for more effect, place decanters with water, both in the kitchen and in the rooms – now, even if you are too lazy to overcome, you don’t have to go far and you will no longer have reason to miss your fluid intake. As for the time spent in the office, then for this case you need to get a small bottle, which should always be in your bedside table or desk drawer – this is up to you.


At first glance it may seem that all types of water have the same taste. In fact, this is not at all the case: filtered water is much more fresh than boiled, spring water has an unusual taste with sourness, and sparkling water is slightly salty. Of course, the tastes of water differ not so clearly as, say, tea, but, nevertheless, there is a difference.

If even after re-tasting the water still seems to you tasteless, try to find another solution. For example, you can add a slice of lemon to the water (see also: “9 reasons to start drinking lemon water”). On your figure, such a cocktail does not affect, but on the taste sensations – even as. You can do the same with mint, grapefruit or orange, the main thing to remember is that there should be no sugar in the water, otherwise your weight loss will turn into useless entertainment.


If, because of the frantic rhythm, you are still afraid to forget to drink water as often as you need it, take advantage of modern technology, good – today there is plenty of it. There is a huge variety of applications for every taste that will eagerly remind you of your water. And if you have no time to engage in downloading practically useless “toys”, simply set an alarm clock on your phone that will ring every hour: after all, you need to drink it every hour to catch the required amount of water a day.

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