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The most streamlined and aerodynamic body in the world is the Danish Lightyear One – a car powered by solar energy. This status was assigned to him after tests in a wind tunnel in Italian Turin.

When choosing a car, consumers often think only about the characteristics of power and passport fuel consumption, a little less often take into account the weight of the car. However, aerodynamics has an almost key influence on acceleration and fuel efficiency – how easily air flows "flow" around the car, how much it overcomes air resistance.

The developer of Lightyear One paid a lot of attention to aerodynamics, as for vehicles using alternative energy sources, the main problem remains a limited range. Tests in Turin showed that the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the future solarcar is only 0.20. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan has 0.02 points more, and this is the most aerodynamic car on the market in 2018.

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Lightyear One has not yet gone on sale, but Lex Hofslut, the head of the company, promises that it will be a very efficient car. It is powered by solar energy, which is absorbed by the roof panels. The power reserve should reach 800 kilometers – this has not yet been dreamed of for electric vehicles. The cabin is designed for five passengers.

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