London scientist found out that marriage and childbirth make women miserable

London scientist voiced the results of his research during a performance at the literary festival of the Hay Festival in Wales, writes The Independent. Dolan said that childless and unmarried women not only celebrate a higher level of happiness, but also have better health, as well as more chances to live a longer life.

The author of the bestsellers, exploring happiness and factors affecting the level of satisfaction with life, added that men, by contrast, noted a higher level of happiness after marriage.

“You risk less, you earn more money at work, and you live a little longer. But the woman is likely to die sooner if she gets married. The healthiest and happiest subgroups of the population are women who have never been married and had no children, ”said the scientist.

Dolan added that married women were happier than other subgroups of the population only when their spouse was in the next room:

“Married women are happier than other subgroups of the population, but only when their spouse is in the next room. They were very happy next to her husband, but damn unhappy when her husband was not around. Therefore, I must tell all of you – if you are a man, you probably should marry to become happier. But if you are a woman, you should not worry about marriage, ”he said.

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In addition, Dolan said that marriage and children are considered traditional, well-established symbols of female success, but statistics show that creating a family in reality only worsens a woman’s life:

“For some, the birth and upbringing of a child is an amazing experience. Of course, it’s even scary to assume that something can happen to our children, but let's be honest – the birth of a child is, on the whole, a terrible experience. In modern society, it is not customary to talk about it openly, but we should recognize that the appearance of children is a very big problem, ”he concluded.

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