The main feature of the Sony PlayStation 5 has hit all users

Information about this came from an extremely reliable source. This source was made by a Sony employee who is responsible for developing the PS5 gaming console. He, with the approval of the management, told about what the future novelty will boast. As it turned out, the next-generation console will actually be incredibly powerful, as it will receive an advanced processor and graphics card from AMD. In another, the novelty will please users of high-speed SSD memory, which will be used both for running the entire operating system, and for many other things.

The presence of SSD flash memory has plunged all future Sony PlayStation 5 buyers into shock, because none of them even expected to see anything similar in the gaming consoles of the next generation. Most likely, the base version of the console will receive a drive of 500 GB, while in the advanced it will be already 1 TB. Due to this feature, all video games on the PS5 will be launched approximately 4-5 times faster than the current PS4, and this is only due to flash memory, not counting more powerful “iron”.

However, you need to understand that games in 4K will boot longer, so the difference in fact may not be so great and significant. However, of course, experienced users will be able to independently replace the SSD memory in the Sony PlayStation 5 by installing the latest and most up-to-date at their own discretion. It is known that the base version of the new generation gaming console will cost all users $ 500, and at that price it will be sold in the United States, and this amount does not include tax fees.

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