Makeup for gray eyes – original ideas for every day

Gray eye color is quite rare and unusual. We offer to get acquainted with the original ideas of makeup for every day, able to emphasize their own originality, originality and refinement of this shade.

What tones are combined with gray?

When creating a gray eye makeup, it is important to correctly and correctly choose the color gamut of the shadows and pigmenting agents used. Consider the most versatile shades that are suitable for any type.

    Muffled silver – with metallic effect you can give expressive look. Choose a color 1-2 shades darker than your eyes.
    Cornflower – originally emphasizes the look, giving it a feminine mystery.
    Dark brown – used for warm shades of hair and dark skin.
    Dark blue, jet black – make the look more expressive.
    Bronze Golden – is universal, therefore, suitable for both everyday and for a solemn image.
    Sky blue will give your style tenderness, femininity and lightness.

With particular care, use any pink tones, as they create a feeling of pain and inflammation in the eye area.



dark brown

Navy blue

dark blue with shimmer

black smokey

black feather


golden with an arrow


shades of blue

How to choose shades according to hair color?


Hair color in blondes can be wheat, ash-blond, dark or light-blond. Therefore, it is necessary to select makeup products with this particular in mind: do not buy excessively bright shadows, as they will over-attract attention, distracting you from the depth of gray beautiful eyes. Aim for harmonious and natural tones. In this case, the appropriate will look:

    gray umber;
    pale purple;
    pigment green;

Black thin eyeliner will help to give the look more expressiveness.

Smokey Ice

Makeup for Blonde

For gray-eyed brunettes the best option would be rich juicy shades. In this case, cool (blue, green) and more calm muted tones (gray, pale blue) are perfectly combined. For women with dark hair and dark skin, sandy yellow color is perfect.


Brown women are recommended to shade the “gray look” with the help of golden, beige, light green, silver and lavender shades. For a visual increase in the eyelashes, use the charcoal black mascara, and also lightly blend the dark pencil line. Dark brown, chocolate and pink will not look appropriate.


Day makeup

Consider the phased creation of makeup for gray eyes in daytime variations on a simple example. You can choose all shades by yourself.

    Apply to the eyelids moisturizer. After it dries a little, use the tonal framework, evenly distributing it over the entire surface, without leaving lumps and stains.
    Make eyeliner of the upper eyelid with a black soft pencil. Spend a neat clear line along the root of the eyelashes, gradually reducing it to the border with the brow part. In the same way, draw the bottom painting. As a result, you should have two identical smooth segments converging at one point.
    Lightly blend the lines, covering them with a dark blue color, using a thin cosmetic brush with semi-rigid bristles.
    Cover the entire surface of the upper eyelid with light blue shadows.
    Apply a whitish pigment on top for a delicate white-bluish transition.
    Accent the inner corners of your eyes with any light tone, for example, beige.
    If desired, paint the eyebrows with black or dark brown mascara without sparkles.

beige brown day

day with a small arrow

Evening makeup

When performing evening make-up, use brighter and more saturated tones. We offer to get acquainted with the version of makeup, accentuated on purple.

    Apply around the eyelids with circular patching motions, which will become a kind of foundation.
    In the area of ​​the eyelashes draw a thin light brown strip. Later slightly blend it.
    On the outer side of the lower and upper mobile eyelid impose dark purple shadows. Spread them a little with finger pads or a special soft sponge.
    For the outer corners of the eyes, leading to the inner, use a light magenta tone. You can make this manipulation with the help of a wide brush of medium hardness. Such a gradual transition will emphasize the expressiveness of the view.
    On the inner corner of the place, put a matte shade of white.
    Along the growth line of the lower lashes draw a thin dark line. Eyelashes cover with black mascara.

evening pink

glitter evening

evening with arrows

universal holiday make-up

evening black

evening purple

Highlight a fantastic gray look will help specially selected makeup. Do not be afraid to experiment, combining a variety of shades. Become bright, unique and mysterious.


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