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Hundreds of different studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is among the most beneficial to our health.

It includes a large amount of fruits and vegetables and whole grains with a smaller amount of dairy and seafood, as well as a minimum of red meat. In addition, the Mediterranean diet involves the use of olive oil as a salad dressing and cooking oil. Olive oil is an excellent source of monounsaturated fat.

Science has already proven that the Mediterranean diet significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it can slow down the loss of bone mineral density in osteoporosis, has anti-cancer mechanisms and supports heart health. And now a new study by scientists from the University of Patras in Greece has shown that lovers of the Mediterranean diet are less likely to experience symptoms of depression.

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The authors of the study worked with visitors to day care centers for the elderly in one of the regions of Greece. Of all study participants, 64% moderately adhered to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, and 34% strictly followed them. It turned out that it is in this group that there is a minimal number of symptoms of depression in the elderly.

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