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The election of the former Minister of Defense of Germany, Ursula von der Lyayen, to the post of European Commission President is a good decision for Europe.

This was said by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the traditional annual press conference in Berlin before the holidays.

"Europe must remain viable, so it’s good that the issue of personalities is resolved, it’s good for Europe … Ursula von der Lyayen will do an excellent job," Merkel said.

She said that the Germans can be proud of the fact that for the first time in 50 years, the head of the European Commission will again be the representative of Germany, besides a woman. At the same time, Merkel admitted that she was surprised by such unanimous support for the candidacy (27 out of 28 EU heads of state and government supported her, only Merkel abstained), noting that von der Lyayen was well known outside the FRG.

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The Chancellor also expressed satisfaction that the EU institutions were able to avoid conflict between themselves.

Merkel noted that ahead of the EU there are many foreign policy challenges in which she recalled the situation around Iran, Ukraine, the problem of migration, etc.

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