Microsoft and Intel want to develop specifications for laptops with folding screens

Foldable display technology is still exotic even for the upper price category. However, in the summer it became known that Microsoft was preparing a laptop with such a screen. And, I must say, in the framework of the current trend, this can be crowned with success.

But, in addition to developing a ready-made device, Microsoft together with Intel intend to release typical specifications for such a technology. It is reported by DigiTimes. So far, there is no specifics, but it can be assumed that this will be an attempt to revive the laptop market.

Note also that such devices are being prepared by Samsung and Lenovo. And the participation of the largest chip maker clearly indicates the use of Intel processors and Windows. It seems that Redmond does not want to risk and release a similar device on ARM.

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True, it is not yet clear how much such a device will cost. If smartphones of this type, according to preliminary data, cost a couple of thousand dollars, then a larger and more expensive new product will be even more expensive.

In addition, the positioning of such laptops is unclear. The tablet market is shrinking, smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, so the idea of ​​a laptop with a folding screen is clearly in need of refinement.

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