Microsoft no longer plans to release its exclusives on PS4 or Nintendo Switch

Nintendo at the gamescom 2019 exhibition held a special show of games from independent developers, where it also announced that Ori and the Blind Forest, which until then was only available on Xbox One and PC, will be released on Switch on September 27th.

Soon after, Microsoft representatives in a statement to reported that the company no longer plans to release its exclusives on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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“Last year was an exciting time for us, as we more than doubled the number of internal creative teams that make up Xbox Game Studios. When these new studios came to us, we knew about some existing obligations to other platforms and will comply with them.

However, in the future, these new studios will focus on creating games for our platforms. We do not plan to release our exclusives on other consoles. We still deeply believe in cross-play in games with proper freedom for developers to provide a fair and interesting experience, "reads a statement from Microsoft.

Earlier, Sony announced the purchase of Insomniac Games, the creators of Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, and the head of the gaming division of the company, Sean Leiden, confirmed that exclusive games remain part of the corporation’s strategy, but some titles, especially multiplayer ones, can reach other platforms to expand the audience.

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