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The study showed that he brings health more harm than good. Aspirin thins blood, preventing blood clots.

Millions of middle-aged and older people use aspirin daily in different countries of the world to lower blood viscosity and reduce the likelihood of blood clots. Aspirin is considered one of the most affordable and widely used anticoagulants, it also produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Low doses of aspirin are recommended for people who have already gone through heart attacks or strokes, as well as for victims of other heart diseases. In this case, taking this drug is justified, but if relatively healthy people drink aspirin, then it brings them more harm than good.

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These are the results of a study involving more than 29 million people over 40 who took aspirin daily. Scientists have access to data for the entire 2017, and they show that taking this medication is harmful for those who are not at risk. From this group of people, 6.6 million people drank aspirin without any recommendations from doctors. Today, more than half of US residents over 70, who have not had heart disease or stroke in the past, use aspirin every day to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

However, in their case, aspirin does more harm than good, since it significantly increases the risk of internal bleeding. Even the presence of stomach ulcers does not stop people taking aspirin from this habit. Usually, this category of patients strongly recommends not taking this kind of medicine, since they greatly increase the risk of internal bleeding.

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