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As part of the exclusive coverage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Game Informer spoke with the gameplay director of the storyline campaign, Jacob Minkoff, and narrative director Taylor Kurosaki.

The developers told a lot, but the most interesting topic was the reasons for restarting the subseries. For the first time, they thought about the new Modern Warfare in Infinity Ward even before the release of Infinite Warfare (2016), but the team almost immediately rejected the idea to continue the events of Modern Warfare 3.

There were several reasons for this.

The essence of the 2007 shooter was to convey the sensations of a modern conflict, the events of which reflect the reality in which we live. Unfortunately or fortunately, by the end of the third part, the series had its own mythology, where nuclear bombs had already detonated and the Russians invaded the United States.

These events cannot be continued, since they are already far from our reality: the players would have less empathy for the modern conflict, which has little to do with what is happening outside their window.

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Moreover, due to their own mythology and the “old age” of Modern Warfare 3, many might simply not be aware of its events, so they would also have to be reminded of them, which would also take up valuable time and other scenario resources.

As a result, everyone came to a single conclusion – to reflect modernity, it is necessary to completely restart the series, returning it to its roots.

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