Moscow taxi and its features

Many residents of Moscow use taxi services. This is especially true in the morning when most Muscovites are in a hurry to work, as well as at night, when public transport is no longer running.

At the same time, many citizens use the services of the so-called bombing, which stand near the subway in order to save money. Such drivers promise to bring to the place quickly and inexpensively, but in reality such trips are unpleasant and even unsafe.

According to passengers' complaints, such drivers often do not follow the rules of the road, drive cars aggressively, and some of them do not even have a driver's license or have fake. Machines for such drivers are often in poor condition. Such drivers do not provide any documents and permits to carry passengers. Therefore, the risk of trips with "bombilami" is very high.

Such drivers are on duty near the metro station and are waiting for passengers, and the numbers of these cars are often covered with mud or snow, since the owners of these cars are forced to hide from the traffic police and parking lots. After all, if they succeed in taking them red-handed, illegal immigrants can be fined for illegal business activities, and in some cases they can even confiscate a car.

In order not to risk, it is better to order a taxi through a mobile application or on a special Internet site. To do this, you need to type in the search engine "cheap taxi Moscow". These sites are very convenient, you can order a car online, fill out a special form, and also calculate the cost of the trip using an online calculator.

Prices for such firms are not much higher than those of illegal taxi drivers. But drivers there regularly undergo a medical examination, and cars undergo a technical inspection.

Since such companies are struggling for customers, they try to provide the highest quality services and as quickly as possible deliver the car to the customer.

In addition, since you know in advance the amount you have to pay, no one can fool you. In addition, these companies often provide discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

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