Most Popular PC Software

To complete the work on the computer you need to install certain programs. These are browsers, antiviruses, instant messengers, video players, music players, graphic utilities, archivers, applications, programs for recording disks, torrent clients, optimizers, etc.

Today there are special sites, such as, where all the main programs are collected, and you can download them for free.

Which of these programs are the most necessary and popular?


Browsers are programs designed to browse the Internet. Standard Internet Explorer browser can not boast of high speed, besides, it is considered outdated.

The most famous and popular alternative to him is the Google Chrome browser. It is installed on more than 50% of computers worldwide. This browser is functional and has a simple and logical interface.

Opera is also a popular browser. It uses all the technologies from Chrome, as well as a number of proprietary tools to speed up the loading of pages and convenient viewing of multimedia content.

The developers of this Internet browser successfully implement the technology of an integrated VPN service. This service allows you to open sites that are prohibited for any reason. That is why Opera is among the five most popular browsers on the Runet.


Among the anti-virus software, 360 Total Security is popular. The principal difference of this antivirus from other free counterparts is to provide comprehensive protection and test for the virus in various ways.

This program is based on two engines: Avira and Bitdefender. In addition, Total Security contains a number of tools to optimize the system.

The downside of the program is a large amount of advertising, which you can get rid of for a nominal fee.


As a means of communication, experts recommend downloading to the computer a desktop version of the popular mobile Viber messenger. More recently, most Internet users used Skype. However, this messenger is already considered obsolete.

“VibER” has all the same functions as Skype, however, this program runs faster, and there is much less advertising in it.

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