How to Motivate Students/Children for Study at Home

Very often parents pay great attention to the selection of a suitable school for their child, carefully save money for further education of the child, because they know that a good education is one of the most important factors for the success and happiness of the child in adulthood. But along with the problem of choosing a school and accumulating money for college, there is another very important problem that many parents, forget about the education of your child at home.

Ordinary family life gives parents great opportunities in teaching children   things that seem childlike and interesting, and important when they grow up. And although both parents in modern families are very busy at work people, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to find free time for your   child if you make your work schedule for the day.

Teaching a child at home is not necessarily lessons in formal form, like in a school or college. 9th and 10th Stuff for Students. First of all, this is teaching the child daily concerns and drawing from them your “curriculum”. Home education and training of the child should not be something boring. Quite the opposite, this can be very interesting and exciting for both the child and the parents.

study motivation

One of the secrets is to think about what you are doing and how your child perceives it. For example, how many times have you rushed home from work, taking the children out of school along the way, and then sitting them in front of the TV while you are preparing dinner? What thoughts are spinning in your head on such days? You had a hard day, and all you dream about is just to sit down and relax, but first you need to feed the children, so you kick the children out of the room so that they do not interfere with you, and you can finish the preparation of the dinner soon and finally, then relax.

Thousands and thousands of parents do this every day, and, as it turns out, they do it wrong. Why not try to do things differently.

First, you should ask the children to help you with the preparation of dinner, instead of sitting on the TV. Of course, if a child still only knows how to cook an egg or make a sandwich, there will not be much help from him, but the fact that you are interested in cooking will give him a lot of useful fruits in life afterwards.

Secondly, it gives you and the child the opportunity to communicate. And this is something that so many parents and children miss so much. It is necessary to give the child to tell about his successes or failures at school, just listen to what is in his head, let him ask you questions about your similar experience, give him some advice. This brings great benefit to both the child and parents. In addition, you will simply be surprised at how many problems you can avoid or solve, just knowing what your child is doing, what he thinks, and what he feels.

Thirdly, this is the best way to relax! Rest after a hard day does not mean only to fall on the couch for an hour or two, it’s best to just change the situation. It is necessary to put the priority of enjoying the society of their children before work and problems. This is the best way to relax after a day’s work, changing the situation.

Every day we perform a huge number of activities that could be used in the home school of the child, which helps the child to develop and grow, and gives everyone great pleasure.

Motivating Children for School : 10 Tips for Parents

Motivation refers to a set of human factors that explain why a person behaves in this way in a particular situation. Studies have shown that those expelled from secondary schools are three times more likely to be at risk of living in poverty than their peers who have graduated from high school.

Your task is just to “temper” your children while they grow older, and other competing interests enter into their entertainment, such as: cell phones, mp3 players, the Internet, guys / girls and other driving privileges of young people. Here are some tips for helping you motivate children to school :

1. Discuss with your child the importance of school and education.

2. Ask your child every day how his day went in school. Make sure he tells you the details.

3. Find out whether they have asked for a homework or a project in the class that they need to do.

4. If your child does not have any homework, make sure that they spend at least 30 minutes studying, viewing and practicing their lessons.

5. Read and talk with your child about any signs of his progress, which he does at home. If necessary, put any restrictions on his actions or do something about his bad behavior.

6. Encourage positive action. Do not focus your attention only on his negative actions or bad behavior.

7. Support your child if they have failed to pass any exam or test.

8. If your child has problems in his studies, he needs additional help from a teacher, home tutor or after-school program (elective classes). In this case you can also help the students. 9. Talk with his teacher about various alternatives or sources that can help your child like easy to read study notes including BA English Notes, MA English Literature Notes,if he or she has problems in school. 10. The most important thing: regularly be in constant contact with your child’s teachers, who monitor the progress and behavior of your child in school.

Are modern parents ready for extreme education?

Education always required exceptionally strong personal qualities. Parents   are in most cases called to be leaders, managers, assistants, and also called to communicate and take care of children without any special training.

All these qualities are also important for building a successful career. In fact, to build a successful career in the business world requires a high level of education like Graduation or Masters in any subject. Subject list for BA Private Studends. Students of Graduation can also take help from past papers of English 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

But apart from all these parents need to get these skills very quickly, and also need to be able to adapt very quickly to the changes that occur with their children as they grow. The development of technology makes the process of raising children even more difficult.

Parents need to constantly deal with not only the growing up of their children, but they also need to act as protectors and observers for their children. If your child is in 9th, 10th standard or even in 1st or 2nd year, you can provides additional stuff in form of guess papers for these classes 9th Guess Papers, 10th Guess Papers1st Year Guess Papers, 2nd Year Guess, BA B-Com & BSC and MA Most Important Questions for American Literature.

This is the only way to protect the child from negative impact from the outside world. Even the most experienced parents need to apply the most up-to-date strategies, ideas and advice in the field of upbringing. Also students can take help from the old or past papers for all classes MA Past Papers , BA Past Papers, Inter Part 1 Complete Subjects Past Papers for last 5 years.

If you combine today’s difficulties in education with a high level of sophistication of children, it becomes clear why parents need to keep up with the times in the field of education. Education, as well as any other work in the outside world, requires a high level of education along with the experience of other successful parents.

In other words, parents are the best source of information in the field of raising healthy children.

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