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NASA invited everyone to send their names to Mars. The corresponding proposal was published on the management site. It is noted that the names will be recorded on special chips and delivered to the Red Planet by the Mars 2020 device.

“As we prepare to launch the historic mission, we want everyone to take part in this pioneering journey. This is an amazing time for NASA, as we set off on a journey that is designed to answer fundamental questions about the neighboring planet and the origin of life in general,” Thomas Zurbuchen, deputy head of NASA research department.

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The administration notes that in this way, the "original leg of humanity" will be able to step on Mars. In order to send your name to the Red Planet, you need to fill out a special online form posted on the NASA website by September 30. Then the names will be printed on a silicon chip with text strings 75 nanometers high (0.000075 millimeters). With this size, you can write more than a million names on a chip with no more than a 10-cent coin.

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