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Sony once again told WIRED about its next console. This time, the company confirmed the release date for the PlayStation 5 (yes, now officially!): The end of 2020.

Like six months ago, reporters were shown the capabilities of the system as part of a large-scale presentation.

Especially for the PS5, we developed a new gamepad with USB-C – so far it has no name, but visually the prototype is similar to DualShock 4.
“Adaptive triggers” will appear in it, which will improve the feeling of shooting. Thanks to them, developers will be able to adjust the pressure on L2 and R2 where necessary.

The second innovation is a completely new kind of vibration. Now it is called "tactile feedback." To demonstrate it, reporters were given the opportunity to try out several short levels based on the Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

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In them, the protagonist walked on different surfaces. Each time, the system changed the configuration of vibration and thereby transmitted the difference of virtual matter – whether it be sand, ice or solid earth.

The next showed the Gran Turismo Sport car simulator. Here, the journalists were again impressed by the new vibration system. It clearly conveys the features of the surface on which the machine is located.

In PS5 there will be a new system for installing games – segmented. Judging by the hints of Sony, it will allow you to install only the desired components of the product.
For example, if in the conditional Call of Duty: Modern Warfare you only need a campaign, then multiplayer and co-op can not be downloaded at all. Or, if you want to free up disk space for new games, you can only delete the storyline campaign, leaving the multiplayer.

Even in the PS5 will update the interface. Its new version in the company is called the "real-time interface." It will be more informative and updated, as the name implies, in real time.

With its help, it will become clearer, for example, in what mode of Battlefield V a user from the list of friends plays. To join it, one click is required.

Another important feature of the UI console will be speed: Sony said that they took into account the feedback of PS4 owners, who were not always happy with the speed of the UI.
It was suggested that the press for the PS5 version be compared with the same section of the track on the PS4 with DualShock 4. The author of WIRED notes that the difference is immediately obvious: with proper implementation, the new detailed vibration (“tactile feedback”) greatly increases immersion in the virtual world.

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