New iPhones can get 120Hz screens. GoGetNews News

Future versions of the Apple iPhone 2020 may have 120 Hz screens. This will improve image quality and add smooth animation to OLED panels. At the moment, such a frequency can only be found on the iPad Pro, where the usual LCD panel is installed.

Note that at the moment the screens of all iPhones support a frequency of not more than 60 Hz. For comparison, ASUS ROG Phone 2 and some other gaming smartphones already have 120 Hz screens, while the Pixel 4 and OnePlus 7T have 90 Hz screens.

So far, Cupertino has not given an official comment on this topic. However, it is obvious that the company is closely monitoring the market, which is now moving to increasingly “faster” screens.

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It is possible that such screens will form the basis of not only the new iPhone, but also the expected augmented reality glasses, which the company is preparing to release next year as well.

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