New service from Apple was a failure

At the spring presentation, Apple introduced the latest service Apple News +, which was demonstrated along with other innovations in the field of interactive entertainment. The launch took place less than a month ago, but publishers are already unflattering about Apple’s new product. The resource Digiday, which tried to promote its content, spoke in detail about the problems in communicating with Apple and working with the news service.Apple assured that it would provide resources for publishers in design and with article templates for correct display in Apple News +. As a result, it turned out that the promise was half true – this was confirmed by five unnamed sources that are directly related to publishing houses.

“Apple refrains from providing layouts for articles and other content. Available templates leave a lot to be desired,” sources say.

Digiday reports that some publishers are disappointed in the communication and interaction with Apple. The company provided an email address for everyone to contact for help, but major representatives of the publishing business received invitations to a private channel on Slack and received more feedback.

“A small group of select publishers was invited to the private Slack channel, where they can directly contact Apple. They try to interact with the favorites. It is always good for the big players, but not for us,” several sources say.

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In the process of creating content for Apple News +, most publishers convert PDF to a service format. Digiday sources report that this technology is quite “buggy”. After converting the PDF format, publishers themselves decide whether to format the received content manually or can be left unchanged.

All sources agreed that the problems that are present during the launch of the service need to be urgently addressed. Otherwise, a long-term relationship is out of the question unless Apple changes its approach. At the moment it is not clear what the company will undertake to support relations with small and medium-sized publishing houses. If these problems are not resolved, Apple News + risks becoming a PDF collection for $ 9.99 per month.

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