New Xiaomi smartphone has impressed everyone with its Features

On April 17, 2019, the manufacturer announced that he will soon release a new phone called Redmi X to the market, and he will get a super-function. Vice President Xiaomi and head of Redmi brand Lu Weibing, on behalf of his official website in the Weibo social network, said that in the next few months the official presentation of the flagship smartphone Redmi X (most likely it will be called this way) will be held, but will receive it Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 topped-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 2.86GHz clock, Adreno 640 graphics, and a host of other features including USB Type-C interfaces and 3.5mm headphones.

Also, a high-ranking employee of the brand proudly declared the presence of some superfunktsiy, which shocked all buyers, because now in the market can be found nothing like this. What this might mean is unknown, since Lou Beybin did not answer for clarifying questions by users. Obviously, this way, Xiaomi has an interest in Redmi X for a few weeks or even months before its presentation to attract as much attention as possible to future news.

If literally translate the words of the employee of the brand, he claims that “fans will go crazy after the announcement of the smartphone.” It is possible that the Redmi X will receive a logo that shines on the back of the case, although it is self-evident that the presence of such a feature does not clearly imply the title of superfunction. Perhaps the Xiaomi’s new product will receive IP68-based water protection, or support for wireless super-fast charging, although it can already be found in the flagship of the Mi 9.

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