Now you can accurately calculate how many human years a dog (And they are older than we thought!)

Scientists from the University of California at San Diego have derived a formula for matching the age of dogs to human age, according to the publication Naked-Science.

Until now, the average life expectancy of a dog – 10 years, and a person – 70 years have been used to recalculate the age of dogs in humans. It is enough to multiply the number of years of the animal by 7, and we get the desired number. However, there was no justification for the fidelity of this technique.

The new method is based on age-related changes in DNA. Over time, methyl groups attach to certain sections of DNA, which allows one to correctly assess the biological age. This is true for both humans and dogs.

The experiment involved 104 labradors and 320 people. Having made a comparison between DNA modifications in humans and dogs, scientists have derived a formula for recalculating ages.

According to the formula, you need to multiply the natural logarithm of the age of the dog by 16 and add 31. This formula gives very exact matches of the age of the person and the dog. Thus, seven weeks of a Labrador correspond to nine months of a person. That is when children and puppies have their teeth cut. A one-year-old dog corresponds to a 31-year-old man, a five-year-old corresponds to a 57-year-old, and an eight-year-old corresponds to a 64-year-old.



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