NVIDIA updated the problem driver, which heavily loaded the processor

A few days ago, NVIDIA released a new driver for its video cards. The assembly with the number GeForce 430.39 has been optimized for Mortal Kombat 11, Anthem and Strange Brigade, however, it seems, it has a strange error.

According to numerous reports, this driver causes an increased load on the CPU of the PC, and this manifests itself in various configurations. It was said about the growth of load by 10–20%, and the users even identified the “guilty”: a process called NVDisplay.Container.exe. Later this was confirmed by the company and have already prepared a correction.

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It is reported that the hotfix is ​​ready, you can download it on the official website. The list of changes includes:

– Correction of excessive load on the CPU by the process NVDisplay.Container.exe;

– Elimination of screen flicker when running the test 3DMark Time Spy and when playing video on an additional monitor;

– solving the problem of “crashes” of the BeamNG application when starting the game;

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider no longer freezes when launched in SLI mode.

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