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Research has shown that this is true for intestinal, kidney, liver and intestinal tumors. Statistics is very alarming, given the extent of the obesity epidemic in different countries of the planet.

Research has shown that obesity is a more significant cause of many types of tumors than smoking. Overweight causes annually hundreds of thousands of additional cases of intestinal, kidney, liver and ovarian tumors than using cigarettes. Dangerous amounts of excess weight lead to tumors more often smoking in the ratio of two cases to one, as experts show. This is all the more alarming when you consider that today almost every third Russian is on the verge of obesity, or already has it.

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Note that obesity today most often causes cancer not at all because it is physiologically more dangerous than smoking, but because the number of obese people is now much higher than the number of smokers in many developed countries. For example, in the UK there are 13.4 million obese people who do not smoke, and 6.3 million smokers who have healthy weight indicators. Unfortunately, this problem continues to grow, since only in Foggy Albion every tenth child is already obese by the age of 5 years, and by the age of 11 this proportion rises to 20%.

The presence of obesity does not mean that a person will certainly develop one or another tumor, but the risk of cancer grows stronger than in people with normal weight. This is due to the fact that fatty cells have an increased activity in the body, they release hormones and electrical signals that contribute to a greater number of divisions and growth. Cancer is caused by errors in cell division, due to which cells begin to multiply uncontrollably and form in a tumor.

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