On the eve of holidays, the demand for flowers is growing

On the eve of March 8 every year there is a stir around the flowers. Queues form at flower markets and in stores, traffic jams and dense traffic jams at the entrance to them. On the holidays in major cities of transport on the roads becomes many times more. The situation is aggravated by weather conditions. In early March, the roads are almost always sleet and slush.

Here will help the delivery service of flowers, which in the holidays become more popular than ever. For example, you can order flower delivery in any city in Russia at https://my-present.ru.

One of the most popular flowers that are given on March 8 to women, of course, are roses. Tulips are the second most popular, and the top three are mimosa and chrysanthemum.

Holland is considered the largest supplier to Russia. However, the flowers are brought from other countries. For example, roses are brought from Ecuador, chrysanthemums are from Colombia, mimosa from Italy, orchids from Thailand, and tulips from the Netherlands.

The cost of flowers is usually formed taking into account the delivery and services of brokers. And on holiday days, flower shops and market traders make a traditional premium of 100–150%. However, the high price does not affect the demand and the hype around the flowers.

Taking advantage of this demand, unscrupulous sellers may slip a poor-quality product, therefore, when choosing colors, one must remain vigilant.

First of all, pay attention to the bud – if it is dense and resilient, then the flower is fresh. If the bud is not hard enough, with dark spots and dried edges, then this flower is not worth buying.

One of the signs of flower freshness is the so-called shirt. These are petals that are located at the very base. They should be directed upwards and framed the bud.

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