Over the past six months, Apple has bought more than 20 companies. »GoGetNews news

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the annual meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway in an interview with CNBC said that from November 2018 to May this year, the company acquired about 20-25 companies.

Despite the fact that Cupertini often refrain from publicly announcing deals with small companies, Cook says that, on average, Apple buys the company every two to three weeks. The head of Apple emphasizes that his company is "mainly looking for talent and intellectual property."

The latest financial report shows that such an aggressive style of acquiring small companies demonstrates Apple's huge purchasing power — Cupertino in the second quarter of 2019 accumulated $ 225.4 billion in cash. Cook says that after investing money, for example, in opening a new campus in Texas worth $ 1 billion, the company will turn its attention to other goals.

“If we have money left, we see what else we can do. We acquire everything that can correspond to us and has a strategic goal. And therefore we acquire a company on average every two to three weeks,” said Cook.

This strategy can be traced in some of the most significant acquisitions of Apple, notes CNBC. For example, in 2018, the company acquired a subscription service for e-journals Texture, which ultimately formed the basis of the new Apple News + service, presented on March 25 at the Apple Special Event presentation.

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Despite the fact that the Cupertini people buy several companies a year, Apple is not famous for its big deals. The largest in recent years was the purchase of the Beats headphone maker in 2014 for $ 3 billion. The Cupertino team continues to sell headphones under this brand to this day as part of an increase in the number of wearable Apple devices.

CNBC also assures that Apple has promised to contribute US $ 350 billion to the treasury within five years due to expansion and payment of taxes on repatriated cash.

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