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Pentagon deputy chief Michael Griffin said the United States would be able to defend itself against missile attacks from China and Russia if the country invests in the necessary systems. It is reported by Washington Examiner.

According to him, it is technologically possible to resist the huge missile arsenals, but this was not a priority in US public policy.

"Today's systems are designed to confront rogue states. If you want more, you have to buy more. But we decided not to," Griffin said.

The failed test of nuclear missiles in Russia last week attracted increased attention to this problem. For almost two decades, the US has assumed that the main missile threat comes from countries such as North Korea or Iran. At the same time, Russia and China expanded and invested in their missile systems, in connection with this, there are fears that the United States is lagging behind in this race.

At the Pentagon, the most concern is supersonic missiles, which are faster and more maneuverable, which gives them the opportunity to bypass missile defense systems.

According to Griffin, the range of such missiles is between the air defense and missile defense zones. They are 10-20 times fainter than the rest of the missiles, which means that their radars detect them too late to eliminate the threat.

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It is believed that Russia and China have achieved significant success in the field of supersonic missiles, which the United States cannot boast of.

"We decided not to use these weapons. From a political point of view, we did not think that the world needed a new class of weapons," summed up Griffin.

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