Peptides for the face – the benefits and harm, review of cosmetics

Peptides are chemical compounds that prolong the youth of the skin and preserve its beauty. They rather recently "blew up" the cosmetic world. In this article we will describe how these substances work, what are their benefits and harms, and will also introduce you to effective products based on them.

Purpose and mechanism of action

Natural compounds from amino acids are synthesized by the body independently, or penetrate the skin from the outside, with cosmetics and during salon procedures. The main task of the chain of protein compounds is to ensure healthy cell activity. Scientists have paid attention to this feature and began to actively introduce peptides on the cosmetic market. With their help, you can affect the biochemical processes in the skin, rejuvenate the epidermis and stimulate cells to divide, thereby increasing the elasticity of the dermis. There are many amino acid compounds that differ in molecular chain and configuration. In cosmetology use safe substances. They do not cause allergies, completely free from toxic decay products, as they are synthesized from natural protein. Peptides work as follows:

    penetrating the cell nucleus, trigger natural genetic mutations and stimulate stem cell division;
    working on young cells, they program them for healthy development and timely division:
    transporting enzymes to mature tissues, regulate metabolism and increase the activity of production of its own collagen.

peptides – a group of chemicals that contribute to the extension of youth and the preservation of the beauty of the skin

Types of compounds

Here is a list of the most used amino acid chains in cosmetics. Each of them solves his problem, namely:

    Clotofrin – activates the synthesis of elastin, tightens the contour of the face, helps to rehabilitate more quickly after laser resurfacing procedures;
    DKI – inhibits the process of wilting of the dermis, moisturizes it;
    Palmitoil Tripeptide-5 – starts the synthesis of collagen fibers, restores the walls of blood vessels, capillaries, helps smooth out wrinkles and scars;
    Matrixil – refreshes the complexion, removes traces of fatigue;
    Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 – “quenches” inflammation, increases the elasticity of the skin, activates protective functions;
    Ridzhin – is responsible for the rejuvenation and cell regeneration;
    acetyl octapeptide-3 – relaxes the muscles of the face, helping to smooth the dermis.

Methods of penetration into the dermis

Peptides can enter the dermis from the outside in several ways.


This service is provided by professional beauty salons. Procedures performed by a qualified doctor. Using a thin needle, a peptide-enriched solution is injected into the upper layer of the epidermis. Mesotherapy is shown to girls from 25 years old who are facing the first signs of aging. 5-7 sessions will relieve small wrinkles, a “goose net” under the eyes, improve skin turgor, and refresh the complexion. The cost of the complex depends on the reputation of the salon, an average of 30,000 rubles.


The mechanism of penetration of active compounds is similar to mesotherapy, but the peptide solution is introduced into the deep layers of the dermis. Biorevitalization is characterized by increased efficiency, suitable for women aged. In a short time (5-10 procedures), deep wrinkles become less noticeable, facial contours tighten. The price of the service varies from 35,000 to 45,000 rubles.

Outdoor method

Creams, serums and emulsions can be applied at home without wasting finance on going to the salon. Peptide cosmetics gives not such a fast and high-quality result, as the above procedure. But it is cheaper. Active compounds cannot overcome the protective barrier and penetrate deep into the epidermis, only 20% of the active compound will “reach” the cells of the inner layer of the dermis. But daily use of care products helps prevent premature aging and cope with fine wrinkles due to the cumulative effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

What effect do amino acid chains have on the skin?


Let's understand the benefits of peptides. This is what happens to the skin when applied.

    Metabolism accelerates, regeneration processes become more active. Amino acids determine the places that need "emergency assistance", restore damaged tissue and soothe inflammatory processes.
    Increased skin turgor. The epidermis comes to a tone, becomes elastic.
    Improves cellular nutrition. To them are fully transported nutrients, minerals, oxygen, trace elements.
    The protective function of the dermis is activated. It becomes less sensitive to the effects of adverse environmental factors, free radicals and mechanical damage.
    In the epidermis, an optimal ratio of cells of different ages is established: nascent, functioning, dividing, dying. The skin is renewed in time, looks fresh and rested.
    The tissues start the process of active production of collagen. Aging processes are slowed down, pigment production is blocked, sebum production is reduced, and creases are smoothed.
    Cosmetic effect becomes noticeable after a short time. The skin quickly responds to “therapy” with amino acids, facial contours tighten, small wrinkles disappear, pigment spots gradually disappear, and greasy luster disappears.

Cons and Contraindications

Women who want to preserve youth and beauty, place high hopes on cosmetics with peptides and salon procedures. But there are a number of limitations under which amino-based care is prohibited. These include diabetes, psoriasis and malignant tumors. No peptide is used in pure form. Creams and compositions are enriched with other ingredients, so there is always the risk of individual intolerance to the components of cosmetics. Also, doctors warn that the skin of some girls responds with redness and swelling for the sessions of mesotherapy and biorevitalization. True, after some time, they disappear.

Cosmetics and salon treatments with peptides give a quick effect, improve cell regeneration and nourishment, protect against negative factors and make the skin supple, but before applying it is necessary to study contraindications and consult a beautician to avoid harm

Criteria for choosing cosmetics

If you decide to include in the daily care products with peptides, walk to the choice of cosmetics wisely. The most effective complexes cannot be found in ordinary cosmetic stores. Highly qualified doctors, technologists, pharmacists and chemists work on their creation. Such creams are not cheap and are available to order in professional stores, or on foreign Internet resources. How to choose a care that will help solve skin problems and not become a victim of a brand that promotes a particular salon?

    Give preference to the manufacturer with the name.
    Select care in accordance with the features of the skin. Light textures are suitable for a greasy, for an age serum with a powerful anti-age effect.
    Do not purchase "7 in 1" complexes. Outrun 2 main tasks that the tool should solve (for example, hydration and nutrition).
    Carefully read the composition. A good cream or serum is enriched with extracts, vitamins, oils.
    Pay attention to the certificate of quality, it proves the high efficacy and safety of cosmetics.

Review of high-quality cosmetics

After studying the reviews of women of different age groups, we have prepared for you a rating of effective means of care with peptides in the composition.

Bioconcentrate from New Line

The tool is intended to reduce the depth of wrinkles and tighten the facial contours. The active elements in the composition stimulate the production of collagen and elastane, providing a lifting effect. The manufacturer claims that with regular course application, the condition of mature skin is significantly improved, wrinkles are smoothed and the facial contour is leveled. The protective properties of the dermis increase, the micro-relief is smoothed. The best effect is achieved after 10-15 applications in combination with massage. The bioconcentrate is mixed with the main care product and applied overnight.

Peptide Ampoule Cream by Mizon

Korean brand specializes in the production of cosmetics with anti-aging effect. Peptide Ampoule Cream was developed for skin on which the first signs of aging appear. With regular use, the tool restores the hydro-lipid balance of the dermis, improves its turgor, nourishes and tightens. In the first place in the composition is listed tripeptide-3. This proves that the cream actually performs its task with regular use.

Wrinkle Peptides from DNC

The gel is designed for day care. Suitable for all skin types. Solves problems such as the return of elasticity, activation of the production of its own collagen, hydration. Buyers note that after a month of use, the dermis responds to the care with a healthy glow.

Laura from Evalar

The manufacturer recommends starting to use the cream from the age of 30. The composition includes palmitoyl tripeptide-5, antico-sidants and oils. Enough fat, not suitable for day care, because it gives greasy shine. Works great at night, leveling the complexion and tightening the oval.

Echoice by welcosco

Another Korean cream, well-proven in the market. The tool smoothes the complexion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, helps smooth facial wrinkles, activates the production of its own collagen, improves blood microcirculation. The composition is enriched with macadamia and shea oils, so it is quite difficult to distribute over the face. Girls note that the cream is better to use at night. With regular use, skin turgor really rises, and mimic wrinkles do not remain on the face after a smile.

Universal cream from Sengara

The tool helps to smooth wrinkles, inhibits the process of natural wilting of the dermis. Peptides trigger stem cell division processes, improve blood circulation and the quality of oxygen supply to the cell membranes. The complex of vegetable oils helps active compounds to nourish the skin, relieves irritation and reduces inflammation. The girls say that the cream makes the face more well-groomed, young, the oval is taut, but the best effect is achieved in combination with peeling and cleansing.

Serum Matrixyl 10% from The Ordinary

The composition includes the matrix peptides of the new generation Matrixil. Their task is to stimulate collagen synthesis, repair epidermal tissue and reduce wrinkle depth. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer enriched serum with hyaluronic acid, which provides additional moisture. Gilauronka helps amino acids penetrate deeper into the cells of the dermis, nourishing and stimulating them to divide and update.

Deep Reveal Nourishing by Amly

A thick, oily cream with a dense texture is enriched with vitamins that restore the texture of the skin and equalize its tone. The main objective of the tool is to give the face a fresh, rested, radiant look by increasing the level of moisture. Suitable for any type of dermis, it smells nice and unobtrusive. It is used as a mask, 2 times a week. The session lasts 20 minutes, after which the cream should be washed off and apply basic care.

Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2: 1 from NIOD

Whey contains several groups of peptides that act complexly. Some of them inhibit the action of enzymes that destroy cell membranes, others provide for the transport of nutrients to tissues. The tool aligns the tone and texture of the epidermis, gives the skin a healthy glow and glow, reduces pores and facial wrinkles.

Our article allows us to make an unequivocal conclusion that peptides are an essential building material for the cells of the dermis, which contribute to its renewal and hydration. The effectiveness of cosmetics with amino acid chains in anti-aging cosmetology is obvious. Extend the youth of your skin by trying one of the products presented in our review.


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