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How to properly care for the skin of the chest, whether it is necessary to develop the pectoral muscles and whether it is possible to enlarge the breast without surgery – this was told to us by the dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist Irina Parfenova.

Why does breasts become less elastic with age

Breast skin more dense at the periphery and thinner at the level of the nipple (about 0.03 mm). Our skin, as a real natural bra, plays an important role in maintaining the breast.

Under the influence of exogenous and endogenous environmental factors, the skin structure becomes less organized over time, the collagen and elastin content in it decreases, which causes a loss of tone and elasticity, leading to sagging breasts.

What determines the size and shape of the breast, and whether it is possible to enlarge the breast without plastic surgery

The size of the mammary glands themselves is determined by several factors:

    Genetic factors. The level of hormones in the blood and the susceptibility to them of the tissue of the glands themselves. Breasts that are less susceptible to estrogen will not become larger, regardless of the amount of estrogen in the blood. This explains the fact that when taking contraceptives in one woman, her breasts increase, while others do not.
    Adipose tissue also affects breast size. With age, it becomes more and more, and by the onset of menopause, the alveolar glands almost completely disappear, giving way to fat. Therefore, when a woman gets better, her breasts become larger, and when losing weight – decreases. Sometimes young ladies with a small bust receive an unexpected gift from nature: breast augmentation due to fat. At the same time, the breast itself can acquire a very seductive form.
    The shape of the bust depends on muscle tone of the chest, as well as skin condition. With age, the muscles weaken, the skin loses elasticity, and the chest, especially the lush, sags.

From all of the above it follows that means that can affect either the hormonal background or adipose tissue can really increase the breast. However, this is not physiological. But improving the condition of the skin of the mammary glands, increasing the tone of the pectoral muscles through training will provide a visible aesthetic result.

Factors Contributing to Breast Aging

    violation of hormonal status;
    skin aging;
    frequently recurring pregnancy;
    accumulating fatigue and stress;
    problems with muscle tension in the shoulders and back;
    wearing low-quality, not suitable in size underwear.

Of course, we are “hostages” of the lifestyle that accompanies us and a number of exogenous factors will be present, but each of us can try to live in a sparing mode. Often we do not think about the fact that a number of measures for the care of the bust can be done independently, and some in professional institutions.

How to maintain breast elasticity

    the bra should be chosen according to the shape of the breast – it should support it well, especially during sports activities;
    keep your back as straight as possible;
    regularly consume proteins;
    daily perform gymnastic exercises to work the muscles that support the chest. The mammary glands are devoid of their own muscles. There are gymnastic complexes aimed primarily at strengthening the muscular skeleton of the chest, especially the pectoralis major muscle. Its lower part in women is much better developed by nature than the upper part, which significantly loses its tone over the years.
    try not to gain weight too quickly, as the skin does not have time to stretch;
    do not sunbathe with an open chest;
    take a cool or contrast shower;
    engage in regular swimming;
    apply vitamin complexes, the main active ingredients of which are phytoestrogens (hops, buckwheat, oats, barley, rye, wheat, corn), amino acids, a complex of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, B12, C, D, E), minerals (magnesium, copper, zinc);
    use good home care (superficial skin cleansing using milk and tonic; applying biologically active serum and a special cream for breast skin daily);
    carry out deep cleansing using peeling (enzyme, scrub, gommage) or small massage brushes with a thorough study of areas over the projection of the sternum and under the mammary gland once every three to four days;
    apply masks (mud, alginate and algal, mineral) 1-2 times a week;

Salon procedures for a bust

The elasticity and firmness of the skin of the breast can change as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and age-related changes. From here, as we found out, there are problems with the loss of the shape of the bust. In addition to daily home care, cosmetologists advise regularly visiting salons, where specialists can carry out the necessary procedures to raise the tone of the skin of the mammary glands.

Today, there are many excellent programs and tools for the bust, designed to prolong the beauty and youth of the breast, as well as solve the problems associated with aging. For example, the line of preparations of the French brand GERnetic for bust improves the shape of the mammary glands by improving the quality of the skin and a pronounced lifting effect due to the strengthening of the muscles supporting the mammary glands.


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