Why does the phone battery swell and how to prevent it

Among the most common problems with mobile devices is battery swelling. This happens due to improper chemical reactions. Because of them, gas is released, increasing the pressure inside the battery and causing it to deform. But the reasons for which the reaction began to occur not as it should, can be many. Repair such an element of the smartphone is not subject, therefore, a new battery is needed.

Reasons for the swelling of the smartphone battery
The most common cause of a malfunction is a factory defect. It is impossible to envisage this, but if the phone is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer’s service center. For example, the Samsung battery rarely falls into disrepair, but with gadgets even from many major manufacturers such trouble often happens.

There are also such reasons:

improper charging;
prolonged contact closure;
water exposure;
end of life;
temperature changes;
the use of poor quality or non-original charger.

In rare cases, but even new batteries are blown up. This is due to problems within the device itself. Then you need to take the smartphone to the service, and already in the repaired device will fit a new battery for Lenovo or another manufacturer.

How to prevent battery swelling in the phone
To avoid swelling of the mobile phone battery, it is necessary to follow a number of simple recommendations. For example, recharge the battery before the device turns off completely. It is advisable immediately after buying a gadget to set in the settings display the percentage of the remaining charge. But in many models this option is set by default.

No need to leave the phone on charge unattended, especially at night. Excessive recharging causes the battery to either swell or discharge too quickly. In addition, it is simply dangerous, because the voltage drops in the network can cause a short circuit and a fire device.

In no case can not violate the tightness of the battery and deform it. Each battery contains acids and other chemical elements that can cause a burn if it comes into contact with the skin.

Compliance with these simple recommendations will help to avoid problems in the use of the smartphone and extend its life.

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