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A group of American pickup truck owners filed a lawsuit against General Motors, accusing the concern that the engines of their trucks are not adapted to American diesel fuel. Rather, they are too demanding on the quality of diesel fuel, which in the USA is less dense than in Europe, because of which it does not have enough lubricating properties.

In fact, the cause of the problems, as stated in the lawsuit “hundreds of thousands of buyers of General Motors pickups,” was not the company itself, but its supplier – Bosch, whose fuel pumps do not stand the test of American diesel fuel. Air pockets form inside the pump, in the volume of which metal parts rub against each other without lubrication, creating metal chips that enter the fuel, the injection system, and then into the engine.

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According to Detroit News, the engine crashes “suddenly, catastrophically and without warning,” sometimes during movement, and it is no longer possible to reanimate the engine on the road. Claims are put forward mainly to the 6.6-liter diesel V8 Duramax, which is installed on many models of pickups and minibuses of the brands Chevrolet (for example, Silverado) and GMC.

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