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The PlayStation 5 game console announced last month will have a significant advantage over previous generations of consoles thanks to the use of a solid state drive (SSD), which will accelerate the loading of games.

Even before the announcement of the PlayStation 5, Sony's leading system architect Mark Czerny made a big emphasis on the use of SSDs, as a significant advantage of a game console in addition to a powerful processor and video accelerator. Czerny demonstrated the power of the PS5 using the example of Spider-Man launched on the next-generation game console to show game loading times. While on the PlayStation 4 Pro the game loaded in 15 seconds, on the PlayStation 5 the loading time was less than a second, which is really impressive. The developers immediately began to share their forecasts regarding the simplification of the development of games for this system.

Despite the impressive download results, it is worth noting one fact – the download was carried out by the "old" game on the "old" platform. According to Remedy Technical Director Miki Wehkal in the latest issue of the PlayStation Official Magazine, despite the increased performance, games on the new generation of Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles can load as slowly as they do now – from 15 to 40 seconds. The developer believes that the presence of ultra-fast SSD drives will not be able to solve the problem of the games of the future, especially when a video game begins to use more data.

Game developers can really use the increased power of the PlayStation 5 to double frame rate (FPS). However, with an increase in the resolution, size and quality of textures, as well as an abundance of objects and particles, the download speed may remain at the level of previous generations of the PlayStation, says Vekhal. Remedy Communications Manager Thomas Pooha also notes that the technical power of any system will not save future games from falling frame rates, subject to poor optimization, so “brakes and glitches” can be inevitable.

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According to Remedy's CTO, they've already managed to test the next-generation consoles for developers (Dev Kit) and the devices really showed impressive acceleration of the boot process. But at the same time, the games themselves have become much more voluminous and more demanding on hardware characteristics, so you should not expect an instant download of well-developed and high-quality locations and worlds.

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