Pokemon GO has earned three billion dollars since the release »News GoGetNews

Analysts at Sensor Tower have estimated that since the release of Pokemon GO from developers from the Niantic studio, it has earned three billion dollars worldwide. Over the same time period, the game has been downloaded approximately 541 million times.

At the moment, the most successful year for Pokemon GO remains the year of its release – 2016. Then the game earned $ 832.4 million, although initially it was launched in only a few markets. However, 2019 has every chance to break the record. Until the end of the year, two more months, and Pokemon GO has already brought its creators $ 774 million.

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August 2019 was one of the most successful months in the history of Pokemon GO. According to various estimates, the game earned from 110 million to 176 million dollars. According to the Sensor Tower, in September Pokemon GO brought its creators $ 126 million, and in October – almost 68 million.

Most of the money Niantic Studios brought in was users from the USA (36.2%), while Japan and Japan (29.4%) and Germany (6%) ranked second and third. As for the distribution by platform, Google Play users spent $ 1.6 billion on Pokemon GO, and $ 1.4 billion on App Store users.

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