Pokemon Masters brought its creators $ 33 million for the first month

Analysts at Sensor Tower estimate that the Pokemon Masters, which was released on iOS and Android on August 29, 2019, brought its creators from DeNA studio $ 33.3 million in the first month and totaled nearly 12 million installations in the App Store and Google Play.

Thus, Pokemon Masters ranked second in earnings for the first month among all mobile franchise games, behind only Pokémon GO. At one time, Pokémon GO earned $ 302 million from in-game purchases over the same period, although it only launched in five markets (versus over 60 from Pokemon Masters).

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Most of all, users from Japan spent the first month at Pokemon Masters – 58% ($ 19.3 million). Another 19% (6.3 million dollars) was spent by gamers from the United States. The five leading markets are Hong Kong (2 million), Taiwan (1 million) and France (920 thousand).

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