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Warsaw called on Moscow to immediately clean the system of the Druzhba oil pipeline from dirty oil, to compensate for the losses and resume deliveries to the Polish refineries of pure oil.

This is stated in a statement by the Ministry of Energy of Poland.

"In light of the lack of reaction of Russian oil suppliers to the circulation of Polish oil refineries to provide a reliable schedule for the Russian side to eliminate contaminated oil throughout the pipeline, as well as compensation for losses for the polluted oil received, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tkuzhevsky turned to his Russian counterpart, Russia's Energy Minister on May 21 Alexandru Novaku with a proposal to take immediate steps, the purpose of which is the earliest possible resumption of the patency of the system and the supply of clean oil ", – OVOR Ministry statement RP energy.

As noted, the ministry continues to monitor the situation regarding the supply of oil to Polish refineries and the needs of the Polish fuel market.

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According to the information of the fuel and energy sector of the Republic of Poland, the refining of petroleum products at Polish refineries is carried out without delay due to the supply of oil to Poland through the local naftoport, as well as through the use of the country's required reserves.

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