Popular game PUBG Mobile equated to drugs

Virtual battlefields of the insanely popular mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were blocked in Nepal. In this country, PUBG is officially banned, and an attempt to play it will be prosecuted by law – the game is equated to danger by drugs.The ban is motivated by the requirement “to stop mobile drug addiction and counteract violence in video games.” Thus, for trying to play PUBG Mobile via VPN in Nepal, gamers can actually be arrested.

The chief quartermaster of the Nepal police, Diraj Pratap Singh, received eight letters from various schools and 25 letters from parents complaining of unmotivated violence in PUBG Mobile, which was the last straw for local authorities. The game was simply banned in the country in order to protect young people from the corrupting influence of virtual violence. Psychiatrists also agreed that PUBG is too dangerous for children, causing psychological dependence and increased levels of aggression.

The quartermaster went to the Kathmandu District Court and asked for approval to ban the game throughout the country. After hearing the arguments of the police, the conclusions of psychiatrists, examining the complaints of parents, and also taking into account the fact that PUBG Mobile banned in many countries of the world for “causing unmotivated aggression in children”, the court finally approved the ban on playing in Nepal.

On April 11, the court sent a letter to the National Telecommunications Authority of Nepal demanding to immediately ban PUBG Mobile among all Internet providers, mobile operators and network providers in the country. As of today, the game in PUBG Mobile in Nepal has become a punishable act.

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